Leather Bracelet with Star of David & Evil Eye

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  • Made from leather, color black
  • The metal parts is silver plated pewter
  • Adjustable to wrist from 5" to 8"
  • Condition: new

The evil eye story : It is tradition of the past history of the turkish, jewish people believed that if you use this evil eye you will stay away from danger or bad eye and be protected against bad luck and that it brings good luck. It is great gift for someone you love to stay away from danger.

The Star of David (Magen David in Hebrew or Mogen Dovid in Ashkenazi Hebrew, Shield of David, Solomon's Seal, or Seal of Solomon) is a generally recognized symbol of Judaism and Jewish identity. Kabbalah makes use of this sign, arrangingthe Ten Sephiroth (sefirot, spheres) in it.