Kabbalah Ring for Love and Blessings

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  • This Kabbalah ring features a verse in Hebrew from Song of Songs by King Solomon: "Bikashti et she ahava nafshi" which means "I sought him whom my soul loves" (chapter 3, 1).
  • The ring is also inscribed with 5 of the 72 Names of God:
    • SAH: is believed to possess a 'Segula', a special quality for matchmaking and love
    • HHAine: for finding unconditional love
    • AYAine: for hope and heavenly matchmaking
    • MHS: for health and cure
    • AineRY: for self confidence , faith and higher sense of certainty in life
  • This ring was designed and hand made in Israel
  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, 9K Gold, Pearl
  • Condition: new