Kabbalah Red String Macrame Bracelet with Evil Eye Charm

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As the saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” and you can offer passersby quite the pretty peek into your own with this striking macramé bracelet, complete with an evil eye charm. The Evil Eye is, of course, one of the most ubiquitous symbols across the Middle East, and this bracelet embodies thousands of years’ worth of mystique built up around that image while still coming across as fashionable in the modern day, to say nothing of its significance to Kabbalah. This item features an easily-adjustable red macramé string as well as an Evil Eye charm that is dotted with dozens of different sparkling cubic zirconia crystals.

  • Kabbalah Red String macrame bracelet with Evil Eye charm.
  • The Evil Eye charm filled with white and blue sparkling cubic zirconia (CZ) crystals.
  • Adjustable size
  • Condition: new