Kabbalah Protection Ring with Five Metals

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  • This Kabbalah ring features a Garnet stone and an embedded under the stone five metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead), according to the Kabbalist formula. In Kabbalah, this five metals blend is considered to be a powerful tool for bringing a positive changes in our lives
  • On top of the ring engraved a name from the 72 sacred names of God: ALD - brings protection from the evil eye
  • On the sides there is an engraving in Hebrew "Yeshuat Hashem Keheref Ayin", which means "God's Salvation Comes in the Blink of an Eye". That means that anyone, even the most pathetic "hopeless", cases, can be blessed and escape a seeming curse. The Jewish sages say that even if the sword is at your neck, never give up and keep on praying because for God nothing is "impossible".
  • The round and the square shapes of this unique ring stand for the circle of life and the family frame
  • Designed and hand made in Israel
  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, 9K Gold, 5 Metals, Garnet stone
  • Condition: new