Kabbalah Pendant for Protection and Health

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This handcrafted pendant features engravings on both sides, of a three-letter combination in Hebrew that spells one of the 72 names of God, along with the corresponding psalms from Kabbalist texts. The inscription of Aleph-Lamed-Dalet with the name ‘Ben Porat Yosef’ is believed to provide strong protection against the Evil Eye. ‘Ben Porat Yosef Alei Ayne’ is part of Jacob’s blessing to his sons, from the Book of Genesis. In Jewish tradition, Joseph is considered righteous. It has become common custom to use his name as a virtue (a segula) against the evil eye, and to provide blessing and protection The letters Mem-Hey-Shin are also believed to possess a segula, and are thought to bring health and healing to the wearer.

This unique necklace is the perfect gift for someone spiritual and in need of good luck and protection.

  • Diameter: 2.3cm/0.9inches
  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, 9K Gold.
  • Condition: new