Kabbalah Mystical Wine Kiddush Goblet

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Our Kabbalah Mystical Wine Kiddush Goblet is a beautiful piece of art that speaks for itself. The cup is overflowing with Kabbalah teachings. It comes inscribed with dozens of words made up of derivations from the names of the rivers of the Garden of Eden. The goblet offers multiple uses, including wedding ceremonies and Bar Mitzvah celebrations. It is perfect for using over and over. It truly offers a mystical experience.
  • Magnificent, mystical wine goblet for your Kiddush ceremonies
  • It is engraved with 64 different words that are derived from the letters of the names of the four rivers that flowed through the Garden of Eden.
  • One who drinks from this cup, according to Kabbalistic teachings, is granted the secrets and blessings of healing from any sicknesses, mental or physical, and infertility.
  • It can be used as a Kiddush Cup, Havdalah Cup, Wedding Ceremonies, Bar or1Bat Mitzvah celebration
  • It is written in hebrew on the cup "BOREI PRI HAGAFEN" which means "Creator of the Fruit of the Vine"
  • Height of cup: 16cm/6.25 inches
  • Silver plated from outside, gold plated inside of the cup
  • Condition: new