Kabbalah Blessing and Healing Pendant

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  • Made from 925 Sterling Silver and 14k gold
  • Combination of 3 powerful Hebrew letters (one of the 72 Names of God) are on the pendant: "Mem, Hey, Shin" - M.H.S. brings you the energy of Healing.
  • Also it is written in Hebrew: "Ana Bekoach Gdolat Yamincha Tatir Tsrura" which means "Please, with the might of your right, untie the bundle"
  • On the back written in English "HEALING".
  • Size 2.3x1.5cm/0.9x0.55 inch
  • Condition: new
The "Ana Bekoach" prayer has great power. Carrying the prayer on you, connects you constantly to a great power and by doing so you shall be able to bring order into your life, to create changes when needed, to give strength, to breakthrough, to remove obstacles and to control your life.