Jewish Yad Torah Pointer

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  • This modern yad (Torah pointer) features a blue rings and a gold plated hand.
  • Made in Israel
  • Size: 19cm/7.5inch
  • Material: anodized aluminum
  • Condition: new
Torah pointer is a decorated rod used in a synagogue to indicate the text of the torah that is to be read in the day's service. It usually has at the head the representation of a hand with a pointing index finger. The 'pointer' is an element often included in Torah decoration. It is called 'yad', the Hebrew word for 'hand'.

There is a moment celebrated in the Synagogue which carries an echo from Mount Sinai. It is repeated on each and every occasion after we read from the Torah, when the scroll is held aloft and the congregation points to it and sings, 'Vezot Ha'Torah - This is the Torah which Moses set before the Children of Israel, according to the word of God, by the hand of Moses'.