Jewish Shabbat Travel Candlesticks

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Inspired by the Star of David, our exceptional Jewish Shabbat Travel Candlesticks are a standalone masterpiece. These pieces come hand painted with gorgeous acrylic depictions of Jerusalem. The paintings are beautiful, extremely detailed and masterfully crafted. Each side of the star features a unique cityscape, a wonderful feature that sets these candlesticks apart from any other item.
  • Each wooden article is hand painted with a brush using acrylic colors and then lacquered.
  • The items can be washed by hand in water since they are coated with several layers of lacquer.
  • Every side is detailed with hand painted scenes of Jerusalem
  • Made from wood, 2 candles included
  • Made in Israel.
  • Measurements: 10.2x5.1 cm/4x2 inch
  • Condition: new