Jewish Prayer Shawl Clips

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If you’ve ever worn a prayer shawl, you may find yourself wishing that there were a better way of keeping them comfortably in place. Or perhaps you’re looking for something with which you adorn your prayer shawl in a distinct yet respectful fashion. Either way, these prayer shawl clips are definitely worth looking into. Coming in a classy box lined with velvet, these tallit clips feature an engraving of the Western Wall (HaKotel) in Jerusalem, across which is written "Yerushalayim" ("Jerusalem") in Hebrew. These clips, available at, measure 3.5x3cm/1.3x1.1inches, are made from metal, are nickel plated, and go great with any prayer shawl.

  • These tallit clips feature the engraving of the Western Wall (HaKotel) in Jerusalem.
  • It is written in Hebrew "Yerushalayim" which means "Jerusalem".
  • Made from metal, nickel plated.
  • Size of 1 clip: 3.5x3cm/1.3x1.1inches
  • Condition: new