Jewish Prayer Shawl - Acrylic Tallit

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Jewish Prayer Shawl from Israel is truly unrivaled. The Magen Star of David is embroidered into the shawl as a symbol of your birthright. A wonderful Atarah crown adorns the peace, honoring your history. Intricate details add a lovely touch. The light, gold accents make this a standout. The tzitzyot on the edges turn the piece into a remarkable shawl. This tallit is really a sacred thing.
  • Traditional acrylic (man-made fiber) prayer shawl with white and gold stripes
  • Excellent quality, feel like light wool and do not wrinkle
  • Kosher - certified kosher, meets the strictest standards of Jewish Law
  • With machine-made (machine-spun) tzitzyot
  • Made in Israel by Mishkan HaTchelet
  • Condition: new