Jerusalem Old City Ball

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Creating a touch of beauty and history, this Jerusalem Old City Ball can really add that extra special touch to any home. Featuring the appearance of the old city of Jerusalem, it comes with delicately crafted homes, gates, and stairs which lead right to top where the Wailing Wall is engraved. Using the electroforming process, this Jerusalem Old City Ball was created using the formation of layers which feature silver over the mold of resin. Featuring a 4.5cm height and the word ‘Jerusalem’ engraved on the front of the ball, this beautifully created Jerusalem themed ball decoration is great for placing on display for everyone to see at any time of the year and can bring a warm and inviting atmosphere within your home.
  • Jerusalem old city with gates and stairs leading to the Wailing Wall on the top.
  • Material: Created using the electroforming process with 925 Silver. Made using formation of layer of silver over mold of resin.
  • Height: 4.5cm/1.6inch
  • Condition: new