Jerusalem Jewish Kippah

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First mentioned in Tractate Shabbat (talks about respect and fear of God), the kippah, also known as a kapele or yarmulke, is a customary head garment for men of dignity and piety. Wear this handsome Jewish kippah skullcap to showcase your faith to everyone you encounter while showing reverence to God. This creamy white satin kippah features a skyline scene from Old Jerusalem around its perimeter. The embroidery work is done in silver and gold metallic threading for added beauty and panache. Wear this beautiful kippah for a special occasion, like a Bar Mitzva or a wedding, or simply anytime you wish to revel in your Jewish heritage. Whether worn inside the synogogue or in everyday life, wearing this eye-grabbing headpiece is a unique expression of your religious identity and fortells your appreciation and respect for Judaism. This kippah is perfect for bulk ordering for schools and other organizations in need of multiple kippot.
  • White kippah with silver and gold Jerusalem embroiderment.
  • Diameter: 15cm/6inch
  • Condition: new