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Interesting Facts About Israel

There are hundreds of places to see and visit in Israel. There are events as well as places significant in history to visit, and of course great places for food to try.

First let’s travel to Jerusalem and visit the Bible Lands Museum.  This museum has a permanent exhibition that allows you to explore the people, culture and civilization of the area known as the bible lands.  There are galleries that will take you thousands of years back to the past.  Learn how religions were established. See firsthand the birth of some of the art and agriculture we know today.

Bible Lands Museum

Bible Lands Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next place to visit is the Israel Museum. This museum is the largest cultural institution in Israel today. It is also ranked as one of the world’s leading art and archaeology museums. The museum actually houses over 500,000 pieces representing the cultures of the world.  The campus is over 20 acres and has galleries and restaurants and parks. There are guided tours too.

Now it’s off to historic Hebron and the Cave of the Patriarchs. Also named Cave of the Machpelah, this site is known as one of the most famous places on the planet earth. It is famous for the four couples that are buried there: Adam and Eve; Abraham and Sarah; Isaac and Rebecca; Jacob and Leah. The cave was originally purchased by Abraham where he buried his wife Sarah in 1677 BCE. The caves is open to tourists and visitors every day.

The Dead Sea is our next destination.  It is known for an Act of God where an oasis was transformed into a wasteland in a mere moment. The Dead Sea is a popular place to seek for those looking for calm and healing. The Dead Sea is approximately one hour’s drive from the city of Jerusalem. Located on the eastern edge of the Judean desert.  The high salt content in the water are said to have healing capabilities. It draws toxins from the body and the bromine in the water relaxes the nervous system.  You can even take a mud bath or buy some of the special water or mud to take home with you.

Our next travel point will be in the mountains of Shomron. Located in the mountains is a four-thousand year old city named Shechem.  It is known for when Abraham, the first Jew arrived in the Holy Land in 1737 BCE, Shechem was the first stop he made.  The remains of Joseph are also in this city which is also called Nablus.

Aerial photograph of the Israel Museum, with t...

Aerial photograph of the Israel Museum, with the Knesset in the background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our last visit on this trip is Mount Zion.  This area is best known for King David’s Tomb is located there. Close to the tomb is a flight of stairs leading to the Coenaculum (upper Room) where it has been told that Jesus sat with his disciples to celebrate the famous Last Supper.  You can also see the Chamber of the Holocaust. Kind of a scary room lit by candles. It is dedicated to the six million Jews that were slain by the Nazis. One of the last places to visit here is Schindler’s Grave, made famous by the movie Schindler’s List.

We have only touched on the many places and the vast history available to see today in Israel. So much of this history has had a major effect on how we live today.  The art, the stories the architecture and more have influenced history for centuries. Make sure if you plan to visit you have a passport that is valid for at least six months.