IDF Cotton Face Mask - Adult Size

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  • This washable and reusable face mask features olive color and an IDF (Israeli Army) official logo
  • 100% Cotton exterior / soft 100% cotton lining
  • Adult Size: 6" x 9½" / 15cm x 24cm
  • Adjustable Ear Loops for comfortable fit
  • Inner pocket for filter
  • Comes with 1 FREE ProTect Filter
  • Extra filters can be ordered
  • ARE THE MASKS MEDICAL-GRADE? The masks themselves provide no more filtration than any fabric face covering.
  • HOW ARE THE PROTECT FILTERS MADE? The ProTect Filters use 5 layers of filtering - one meltblown layer between 4 layers of non woven material - to provide high-level filtration.
  • CAN THE MASKS BE USED WITHOUT FILTERS? Absolutely. The masks by themselves, though, provide no more protection than any simple fabric face covering.
  • When your original ProTect Filter is used, there are three options:
    • Keep using the mask, but without any filtering material (least protection)
    • Use your own filtering material (degree of protection depends on material used)
    • Use new ProTect Filters (high level of protection)
  • The ProTect filters are designed to replicate the filtration levels of N95/KN95 masks, but are NOT certified by any government or independent health/regulatory body. As such, while they are a great option for day-to-day use in most settings (eg., shopping, office settings, etc), they should never be used as an alternative to medical-grade PPE (personal protective equipment) by medical personnel or by those providing care to at-risk individuals.
  • Condition: new