IDF Commando Bullet Necklace

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A fitting tribute to the Navy Seals. Our IDF Commando Bullet Necklace prominently displays the special S-13 symbol to identify any member of this elite group. This exceptional piece is made of stainless steel to withstand the test of time.
  • With Israeli naval commando (Navy Seals) special forces unit symbol
  • With stainless steel ball chain
  • Length of bullet pendant 5.7cm/2.25inch
  • Length of chain 57cm/22.5inch
  • Condition: new

Shayetet 13 is the Israeli naval commando (Navy Seals) elite special forces unit. The S-13 (shorthand for "Shayetet 13 - Naval squadron 13") is considered the top Special Forces unit in Israel . The S-13 symbol is a sword within a shield with bat wings and an old hand grande. Originally the S-13 was designated and trained to perform naval raids and underwater commando operations. Aside from being the navy elite unit for special missions, the S-13 is also an elite counter terror unit which specializes in covert operations deep within enemy's territory combining assault by sea, land and air.