IDF Bullet Necklace

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The IDF Bullet Necklace is a beautifully designed and exceptional piece which is able to easily complement any wearer with its glistening silver metal construction. This necklace features a pendant made from a bullet which comes with a size of 5cm. The bullet pendant is made with metal and features the Star Of David printed with the words “ZaHaL" written in Hebrew which means “I.D.F”. The ZaHaL inscription is a powerful homage which is dedicated to the Israel Defense Forces. Featuring a stainless steel ball chain, it provides a high strength and durable construction which is perfect for long term wearing.
  • With Star of David.
  • In the center of Star of David it is written in Hebrew "ZaHaL" which means "I.D.F."
  • Material: metal
  • Length of pendant: 5cm/2inch
  • Length of stainless steel ball chain: 50cm/20inch
  • Condition: new