Home Blessing Hamsa with Menorah

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Missing out on premium collection of wall hangings? Forget about the dearth with the inclusion of this beautiful creation that is studded with gemstones. Surprise included inside in the form of pewter Menorah amidst semi precious stones adoring the entire object. You can now display it in style in any of your rooms. Having been crafted in Israel, this one definitely stands out.
  • Filled with gemstones - semiprecious stones
  • Hamsa - protection against Evil Eye. Symbolizes the Creators protective hand
  • With pewter Menorah inside
  • The blessing written in English
  • Hand made from different woods and is crafted in Israel
  • Length (without cord) 22cm/8.7inch
  • The entire piece is covered with plexi-glass to protect the art
  • Condition: new