Hebrew Letter and Vowel Playing Cards

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  • Two double playing card sets in one! Each 2-pack contains 17 Hebrew vowel cards, 17 vowel sound cards in English, 31 Hebrew letter cards, and 31 letter sound cards in English.
  • Each card is single-sided with one Hebrew vowel, one Hebrew letter, or one English sound.
  • Separate cards for each form of the vowel sound (i.e. separate cards for segol, tzayreh, hataf-segol, shva-nah).
  • Includes rules and suggestions for card games like "Go Fish", "Old Maid", and more
  • Each English card includes the sound in English, and the letter / vowel name in Hebrew and English (with examples from English words). The vowel cards include cartoons for each vowel sound. The letter cards include activity spaces.
  • Size of 1 card: 10x8cm/4x3inch
  • Condition: new