Hanukkah Sticker Activity Booklet

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  • Join Lee, Laa, and Lou as they prepare for their Hanukkah party, and learn about the story, traditions, and customs of this special holiday.
  • This Hanukkah sticker activity booklet comes complete with our new Hanukkah sticker set, our Hebrew letter stickers, and our number stickers (over 200 stickers!).
  • What's inside:
    • Learn about the meaning of Hanukkah
    • The story of the Maccabees
    • Practice writing and spelling of items and words relating to Hanukkah
    • Decorate and prepare for a Hanukkah party
    • "Light" a special Hanukeyah by using our custom Hanukeyah and candle stickers
    • Bonus: Arts & craft activity to make a special Hanukkah card
  • Condition: new