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This combination hamsa and evil eye protection charm bracelet is a beautiful addition to anyoneÂ?s accessory collection. The leather bracelet is adjustable to wrists from 17cm/6.75in to 22cm/8.75in. The metal parts are made from silver plated pewter. Wearing a combination Hamsa and evil eye protection charm protects you from evil influence. According to the Kabbalah, such charms are supposed to keep you safe. Listen to Judaism's mystical teachings and buy this bracelet to be protected.
  • Made from leather
  • The metal parts is silver plated pewter
  • Adjustable to wrist from 17cm/6.75inch to 22cm/8.75inch
  • Condition: new


The evil eye story : It is tradition of the past history of the turkish, jewish people believed that if you use this evil eye you will stay away from danger or bad eye and be protected against bad luck and that it brings good luck. It is great gift for someone you love to stay away from danger.

Hamsa - An alternative Jewish name for it is the Hand of Miriam, in reference to Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron as well as the Hamesh Hand. It serves as an ancient talismanic way of averting and getting protection from the evil eye, or more generally of providing a "protecting hand" or "Hand of God".