Fiddler on the Roof Statuette

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Exquisitely designed, the Fiddler On The Roof Statuette is a great figurine that is perfect for any Jewish collection. This fiddler statuette is created from 925 silver using an electroforming process. It is made by the formation of silver layers over a resin mold which creates great beauty and detail. Available in a size of 8 x 5cm, this statuette can easily sit on your display area beautifully bringing a complimentary look to your home and collection. Delicately designed it features a fiddler sitting on a roof playing his fiddle. This Jewish statuette is a great gift and is eye catching for those around it.

  • Material: Created using the electroforming process with 925 Silver. Made using formation of layer of silver over mold of resin.
  • Size: 8x5cm/3x1.9inch
  • Condition: new