Copper Mezuzah with Hoshen Plate

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Comply with the teachings of the Torah by hanging this beautiful and blessed Mezuzah on your doorpost. This attractive copper Mezuzah with Hoshen plate motif features the Hebrew letter SHIN on its top, which is the first letter of the Guardian of the Doors of Israel or Shomer Dlatot Israel - one of the names of God. This decorative Mezuzah includes the blessing that is required to be said prior to affixing it to your home's doorpost, and the blessing is provided in three languages for your convenience, including English, Hebrew, and Russian. It is a full 6.5 inches long, so it's bound to make an impressive presentation wherever it is hung.
  • Features sparkling colorful crystals representing the Hoshen plate.
  • Made from metal, color copper.
  • Includes metal back cover with pair of screws.
  • In addition, included blessing that must be said before affixing the mezuzah (in English, Hebrew and Russian).
  • Length of mezuzah: 16.5cm/6.5inch
  • This case will hold a scroll up to 12.5cm/5inch in length
  • Condition: new