Circle of Life Tree Kabbalah Necklace

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Representing the four elements every human cannot live without – land, water, air and fire – the tree design on this beautiful Kabbalah pendant is surrounded with the Hebrew blessing “For he shall be as a tree planted by the water.” This beautiful design is a lovely way to honour someone’s life cycle event.

Made of 9 carat gold and silver, with a green emerald in the middle (one of the Hoshen stones mentioned in the Torah/Hebrew bible), this pendant is uniquely shaped and holds many Kabbalistic blessings and meanings. The tree stands in the middle of a circle, representing the circle of life and of growth. The tree’s roots are firmly planted, and embrace the circle, signifying that every man, woman and child in this world needs a stable foundation, with roots that go deep – embracing Torah values, family, community – indeed, our very breath and soul. The Hebrew also includes the first letters of the Kabbalah’s ten spheres, which represent spiritual growth. The heart stone – the emerald – also represents growth and abundance, and a sense of purity and harmony.

At the back the pendat is engraved with one of the 72 Names of God: "Mem Hey Shin" - MAHASH brings the energy of healing and recovery

In addition, this pendant features the Five Metals hidden at the back. The Five metals are: Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead. According to Kabbalah combination of these five metals brings financial and emotional success and also a spiritual enlightenment.

  • Diameter: 2.3cm/0.9inches
  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, 9K Gold.
  • Condition: new