Chanukah Menorah with Candles

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The Chanukah Menorah With Candles is a beautiful candelabrum which is designed for use at the 8 day holiday Chanukah. This Chanukah menorah comes with a solid aluminium construction which features the Star Of David molded into the center of the candelabrum. Featuring a size of 4.25in x 1.5in x 4.75in, it provides an easy to position piece which offers easy lighting when needed. This Chanukah Menorah comes with 44 mini Chanukah candles and features 9 candle holders with the middle candle holder sitting higher than the other 8. With its elegant and beautifully crafted design, it provides a warm and inviting piece within any home allowing for easy use during the holiday Chanukah.
  • Includes: 1 solid aluminium Menorah and 44 mini Chanukah candles
  • Dimensions: 4.25in x 1.5in x 4.75in (11cm x 4cm x 12cm)
  • Condition: new