Chanukah Memory Game

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The Chanukah Memory Game is a great card game for kids of all ages to help improve their memory skills. This memory game doesn’t require any reading, and is designed for your children to match the cards based on remembering where they were positioned when they are facing down. Great for 1 – 6 players it can be played by children from 3 years up. It also includes 72 cards which come in the sizes of 2 x 2in. These Chanukah memory game cards feature colourful and decorative pictures printed on each one which promotes a bright and colourful fun time. Lightweight in design and easy to play, this Chanukah memory card game is great for playing at any time during Chanukah.

  • The Chanukah Memory Game is fun for kids of all ages. No Reading Required.
  • Match the most cards and win.
  • Ideal for 1-6 players, ages 3+, includes 72 cards (size of 1 card 2inch c 2inch).
  • How to play: Place cards face down in rows of 8 across and 9 down. Each player gets a turn to flip over any 2 cards. If the two cards match, the player keeps cards and gets another turn. If cards don't match, they are turned back over and the next player goes. Continue playing until all cards are matched up. The player with the most matches wins. Enjoy!
  • Condition: new