Blue Opal Hamsa Luck Hand Necklace

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The Blue Opal Hamsa Luck Hand Necklace is a beautiful and majestic piece of jewellery which is able to offer protection from the Evil Eye. This Hamsa luck necklace features a stunning pendant which is made from a blue semi-precious opal iridescent stone which represents the Gem of the Gods. Hamsa is said to be an alternative name for the hand of Miriam which is referenced as the sister of Aaron and Moses, along with the Hamesh Hand. Serving as an ancient talismanic way of gaining protection from the evil eye’s misfortune, it can help to provide a protective hand or helping “Hand Of God” when worn around the neck. Featuring a pendant size of 1.5cm, along with a 40cm 925 sterling silver chain which matches the beautiful opal, this Hamsa necklace can give you the protective aura needed to help ward of any misfortune that may be sent your way while bringing a piece of beauty to your life.
  • This Hamsa necklace features blue opal iridescent semi-precious stone - "The Gem of the Gods".
  • Size of the Hamsa pendant: 1.1x1.3cm/0.43x0.5inch
  • Length of 925 Sterling Silver chain: 40cm/16inch + 5cm/2inch of extension chain
  • Condition: new