Hanukkah traditions

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 23rd Dec 2014

Just like in the case of other holidays there are several traditions which are an emblem of Hanukkah. Thus, the most important traditions on Hanukkah are the following: the lighting of the menorah, … read more

Hanukkah story

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 21st Dec 2014

Hanukkah is a very important holiday in the Jewish calendar. However, apart from the lighting of the nine-branch menorah and parts of the story about the oil in the Temple which was supposed to las … read more

Hanukkah gifts

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 7th Dec 2014

Hanukkah or the Festival of Lights is the time when Jews celebrate the miracle of the oil which was supposed to last for just one day and instead lasted for eight days in the Temple during the Macc … read more

Kabbalah symbols

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 18th Oct 2014

The Kabbalah has a series of symbols, the understanding of which is essential for all those embracing this new vision of the world. The majority of these symbols is essentially of Judaic nature … read more

Jewish Baby Gifts

6th Jul 2014

In Judaism, procreation is one of God’s commandments, but also an emulation of His acts. Conceiving a child is an act of creating a new human being, as well as a repetition of the Creation. And sin … read more