The significance of "Ana BeKoach"

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 17th Jan 2015

”Ana BeKoach” is an important prayer chanted in the Kaballah.The prayer dates back to the first century and is the product of a Kabalistic rabbi – Rabbi Nehonia. The prayer can also be found in the … read more

Kabbalah books

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 9th Nov 2014

It is a fact that the Kabbalah is not only embraced by Jews but also by people of other religions who, once becoming acquainted with it, would like to transform it into a way of living. However, fo … read more

Tree of Life Symbolism

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 26th Oct 2014

The Tree of Life is an incredibly meaningful Kabbalah symbol. Although it is a Judaic symbol, its origins are a combination of Christian and esoteric elements. The representation is in the form of … read more

Kabbalah symbols

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 18th Oct 2014

The Kabbalah has a series of symbols, the understanding of which is essential for all those embracing this new vision of the world. The majority of these symbols is essentially of Judaic nature … read more

The significance of the Kabbalah

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 11th Oct 2014

The Kabbalah has been embraced by many well-known celebrities, which generated massive interest towards its main ideas and development.A definition of the Kabbalah varies depending on its form of m … read more