Blessing for the Home Wall Hanging - Floating Letters

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Designed and made in Israel from brushed stainless steel, this unique wall hanging in bold lettering spotlights the blessing for the home in Hebrew: "BeBayit ze tashre simcha, briyut, parnasa, bracha, veShalom," which means "May this home be blessed with happiness, health, wealth, blessings and peace." It's a wonderful sentiment and wish for its owners. What makes this beautiful décor item even more interesting is that because it hangs slight away from the wall, the letters create a striking shadow on the wall at different times of the day, almost appearing to float. This is definitely a conversation piece, an art piece, and something anyone would be happy to own and display proudly in their home.

  • Size: 20x36.5cm/8x14.5inch
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Condition: new