Aaronic Blessing Necklace - Birkat Kohanim

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The Aaronic Blessing (Birkat Kohanim) is a priestly blessing and according to the Torah, Aaron blessed the people and G-d promises that "I will place my name on their hands" (the Kohanim’s hands) "and bless them" (the Jews receiving the blessing). Sages explained that although the priests are the ones carrying out the blessing, it is not them or the ceremonial practice of raising their hands that results in the blessing, but rather it is God's desire that His blessing should be symbolized by the Kohanim's hands. Thus, the meaning behind this scroll-shaped pendant is to give the wearer a blessing from G-d, through the hands of the Kohanim, and to help ward off evil. The pendant reads, in English: The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace" (Num. 6:23b–26). Designed and made in Israel of 925 sterling silver, this is a beautiful way to remember this blessing or to bestow it upon someone close to you. It is a beautiful and traditional bar mitzvah gift as well.

  • Designed and made in Israel
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Size of the pendant: 2.2x1.2cm/0.85x0.5inch
  • Condition: new