925 Sterling Silver Star of David Bracelet

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The 925 Sterling Silver Star Of David Bracelet is a high quality and meaningful arm bracelet which is able to offer a comfortable and stylish fit when worn. This beautiful Star of David bracelet is constructed from 925 sterling silver and features a Star of David double sided pendant which is delicately hand-made in Israel. The Star Of David is a well-recognized symbol of Judaism and Jewish identity. It features the shape of a hexagram and consists of 2 equilateral triangles which are molded together in opposite directions. Also known as the “Shield Of David” the star is said to have protective properties while offering a sign of the relationship between God and Earth. Complete with a leather made wrist band, this Star of David bracelet is perfect for wearing at any time of the day.
  • Metal parts are made from 925 sterling silver.
  • Double sided Star of David pendant hand made in Israel.
  • Made from 925 sterling silver.
  • Condition: new