925 Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

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Protect yourself from misfortune and invite good luck, happiness, and health into your life with this sterling silver evil eye bracelet. This pretty bracelet may look like an ordinary fashion bracelet that is designed to add a fun look to any outfit, but the truth is that it has the power to ward away the evil eye and bring prosperity to the wearer. You'll feel blessed from the moment you place this bracelet on your wrist, even if you're only wearing it for its good looks. It features 13 pretty beads, each of them accentuated by an eye. The beads are connected with a silver rolo-style chain for added beauty. A secure lobster-claw clasp closes the bracelet. The bracelet measures 7.5 inches in length to fit most wrists, while each 8mm eye makes a beautiful presentation without being too flashy. Wear it anytime you want to feel safe and protected.
  • All metal parts of the evil eye bracelet are made from 925 Sterling Silver
  • Brings protection from Evil Eye
  • Length: 19cm/7.5inch
  • Diameter of eye: 8mm/0.25inch
  • Condition: new