72 Names of God and Ana BeKoach Kabbalah Double Pendant

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David Stars, Kabbalah, and Mozambique Garnets galore! Your necklace has three-dimensional indentations pure in meaning and elements. An ideal gift for anyone in need of healing. Your soul is an individual resting space, and you need to feed it the spiritual pieces it can believe in.
  • Handcrafted in Israel, all Hebrew texts are hand engraved.
  • Made from 925 Sterling Silver and 14K gold.
  • With 7 Star of David stars (first pendant, front side). In center each star there is a mozambique garnet stone.
  • All 72 names of the creator engraved (second pendant, front side). According to Kabbalah helps anyone to reach a physical or spiritual peace. Connects us to the source of power that helps us to cope with everyday pressures.
  • The whole Ana BeKoach prayer engraved (second pendant, back side). Ana Bekoach prayer connects our soul to the forces of creation, purifying our physical and spiritual life for the creation of miracles. For Protection, Healing, and Balancing.
  • Diameter of circle 3.5cm/1.45inch
  • Weight: 20gr/0.8oz
  • Condition: new
The 72 Names are 72 three-letter sequences composed of Hebrew letters that have the extraordinary power to overcome the laws of both mother and human nature. These 72 sequences are actually encoded into the Bible story that tells of the parting of the Red Sea. They are like conduits that transmit various blends of energy from the Light into our physical world. By using the power of the 72 Names and overcoming their reactive natures, Moses and the Jews were able to accomplish the miracle of the Red Sea.

The Ana BeKoach (Ana BeCoach or Ana B'Koach) prayer was written in the first century by a great kabalistic Rabbi. The prayer was written according to the seventy names of God - a term related to Abraham. The Ana BeKoach is composed of seven lines, with six words in each line. The number 6 is connected to the six directions of three-dimensional space and the number seven combined with the number six creates the structure of the seed of life. These structures contain the secret of the entire creation Â? from them, we can produce a molecular structure and the lifestyle existing at the time of creation. This is in fact, the same mold that the Creator himself used. Another representation of the Ana Bekoach is the 7 leaf Menorah. King David meditated on this for hours before entering into battle.


Ana becho'ach,
g'dulat yemincha,
tatir tz'rura

Kabel rinat amcha sagveinu,
tahareinu nora

Na gibor dorshei yichudcha,

k'vavat shamrem

Barchem taharem, rachamei tzidkatcha
Tamid gamlem, chasin kadosh
Berov tuvcha,
nahel adatecha

Yachid ge'eh le'amcha p'neh,
zochrei k'dushatecha

Shavateinu kabel ushma tza'akateinu,
yode'a ta'alumot


We beg thee
with the strength and greatness of thy right arm-
Untangle our knotted fate.

Accept your people's song,
elevate and purify us

Please, heroic one,
those who pursue your uniqueness-
guard them as the pupil of an eye.

Bless them, purify them, pity them,
may your righteousness always reward them.
Powerful and Holy One,
in goodness lead your flock.

Unique and proud one, to your people turn,
who remember your holiness.

Accept our cries, and hear our screams,
oh knower of mysteries.