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Every Jewish home requires a Mezuzah at its entryway; this not only marks the home as being Jewish, but serves as protection against evil outside forces. This small Mezuzah scroll consists of parchment written by a certified Sofer Stam, (or scribe) in Herbrew. The parchment is made of real cattle skin, and has been proofread by an expert proofreader in addition to being scanned by a computer to ensure that it's free of errors. This kosher scroll is only 2.35 inches or 6 centimeters big, making it perfect for a small decorative case to be hung at the front entryway of your home. The Mezuzah is an important way to showcase your faith and Jewish identity to the world, while bringing peace and balance to your home. You can also hang a Mezuzah outside a bedroom doorframe to protect the inhabitant of the room, or you can attach it somewhere inside your car for protection as you travel away from home.
  • This Parchment is written by a certified Sofer Stam (scribe)
  • Genuine Klaf made of cattle skin
  • Kosher and proofread by an expert proofreader, then scanned by a computer to ensure that scroll is error-free. 
  • Height 6cm/2.35inch
  • Condition: new