10 Commandments Necklace

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Treat your senses with absolute artistry. Carefully designed and provocatively presented, this necklace is set to work wonders for you. The inclusion of 10 Commandments will bring before the beauty of artistic talent of the Israeli designers. Beware! You will be spoiled by its good looks for sure. An ideal necklace to be worn for every event.
  • The Ten Commandments, or Decalogue, are a list of religious and moral imperatives that, according to Jewish Torah, were authored by God and given to Moses on the mountain referred to as "Mount Sinai" (Exodus 19:23) or "Horeb" (Deuteronomy 5:2) in the form of two stone tablets.
  • Pendant made from pewter.
  • Size of pendant 2.6x1.5cm/1.1x0.55inch
  • Length of the rhodium chain 38cm/15.5inch
  • Condition: new