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Israeli Army

Show your respect for the Israeli Defense Forces by wearing one of these patriotic items. The IDF is serving our homeland every day, risking their lives against enemy forces. Show our soldiers that you hold them in the higher regard by wearing merchandise that gives honor to the IDF. Although you aren’t serving on the frontlines yourself, you can still show the world that you support the IDF by presenting yourself as a proud Zionist.

If you have a lot of respect for the Israeli Army—the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)—then let it show by wearing or gifting your Israeli soldier with one of the items in YourHolyLandStore.com's Israel Army gift collection. The members of the IDF risk their lives each day in the service of their country, and gift items that show reverence to their service can be a welcome reminder to Israeli Army personnel that their service is not in vain. Wear merchandise that shows our Israeli soldiers that you hold them in high esteem or give them gifts that allow them to show their Israeli pride. Even though you may not be serving on the front lines as an IDF solider, you can showcase your Zionist pride and support the IDF with merchandise from YourHolyLandStore.com.

The Israeli Army has a long rich history and is beloved by the Israeli people and followers of Judaism around the world. Wearing jewelry, kippot, and other items in support of the IDF is a wonderful way to let everyone know where you true allegiance lies. Adding elements to your décor that feature an IDF theme is also a good way to show support to the brave young men and women who have given so much of themselves for Israel.

Israeli Army Kippot

Shop YourHolyLandStore.com now to find kippot and skull caps with the IDF logo and other Israeli Army symbols that is suitable for every occasion. Whether you wear a Kippah as part of a religious ceremony, such as a wedding ceremony or bar mitzvah, or you wear it daily, Israel Army-themed Kippot is ideal for showing your faith in God and your religious roots. Wear a handsome camouflage Kippah with your Army-themed apparel during ceremonies or just add it to your wardrobe for everyday use as street wear. As the Talmud declares, "Cover your head in order that the fear of heaven may be upon you." Wear Kippah in reverence to God and to celebrate your love for the IDF; knit, leather, and other varieties are available.

Israeli Army Apparel

Wear Israeli Army apparel to celebrate the pride you have in the IDF. A beautiful belt bearing the IDF arms and logo can add a stylish look to a pair of slacks or trousers, while serving its functional purpose at the same time. Continue the tradition of wearing the Tzitzit with a classic tallit katan. Our Israeli Army apparel will allow you to pay homage to the IDF while expanding your wardrobe and expressing your faith in Judaism.

Israeli Army Jewelry

A variety of Israeli Army Jewelry is available so that you can take your love of the IDF with you wherever you go. Wear a beautiful bullet necklace, Star of David necklace, or dog tag-style necklace with your favorite Israeli emblem. From necklaces offering protection and featuring the Hamsa emblem, menorah, or other symbol, you'll find a range of options to love. Fill your jewelry box with necklaces and bracelets that portray your support for Israeli military personnel.

Israeli Army Gifts

Israeli Army gifts are perfect for giving any supporter of the armed forces, but are particularly fitting for current and former enlistees and their families. Home décor featuring the emblems and IDF signage that you've grown to associate with the Israeli Army are ideal for homes, offices, and other spaces. Choose from magnets, pens, and other themed merchandise that will allow your recipient to think of the IDF during their daily activities, always keeping service personnel and their sacrifice at the forefront of their thoughts.