Yemenite Authentic Kosher Kudu Shofar

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The shofar horn is a powerful symbol, and our Authentic Kosher Kudu Shofar lives up to the standard. The piece is expertly crafted under the watchful eye of a Rabbi. It's truly an exquisite piece, built with modern techniques while honoring an old-time tradition. For all your Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah services, celebrate the magnificent Jewish heritage with this one of a kind item.
  • Authentic Kosher shofar
  • Has a traditional style mouthpiece
  • Made in Israel
  • Length: 20-24inch/50-60cm(measured around the outside curve of the shofar, not from tip to tip)
  • Condition: new


Produced by "Kol Shofar" factory.
"Kol Shofar" is unique factory producing ram's horn of every kind.

The horns production is performed using old and traditional techniques combined with modern techniques, and all under very strict supervision of quality and kashruth of the shofars.

The factory is located in Ramat Hagolan (Israel) and is under rabbinical supervision; Shimon Kinan who is a senior shofar blower and is skilled with the secerets of shofars produces the shofars.

The production process:
When Shimon holds in his hand a ram's horn, he already knows what will be its shape and how, at the end of the process, the Shofar's blow will be heard?
The ram's and kudu's horn arrives at the factory and immediately goes through washing and disinfections process.
The first stage the process includes straightening the shofar, processing the mouthpiece and drilling a long hole in the narrow part of the shofar. In this stage it is already possible to blow the shofar and examine the sound quality.
Here the manufacturer's experience as a shofar blower is very important.
From here go the polishing and brightening process, which is performed using different polishing machines until receiving the wanted product.