Ten Hanukkah Gift Ideas

Ten Hanukkah Gift Ideas

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 2nd Dec 2015

Hanukkah MenorahHanukkah is nearly here once again, which naturally means the Hanukkah Shopping Season has been underway for a good couple months now. Whether you’ve been looking for ages trying to find just the right gift or are just getting started on your holiday shopping, here are ten great Hanukkah gift ideas, with examples available today at yourholylandstore.com.


From red string to silver links, bracelets are perfect for Hanukkah gifts—classy as an accessory, affordable as a piece of jewelry, and all with endless possibilities for customization. At yourholylandstore.com, we offer a wide variety of different bracelets, featuring everything from hamsas and Evil Eyes to Hebrew lettering to Kabbalah-inspired Red string bracelets, which harken back to the red string strung around Rachel’s tomb and which are likewise “in” fashion-wise.


What better way to augment an already-ornate bracelet than with some beautiful Jewish-themed charms and pendants? Choosing charms and pendants allow for a fantastic amount of personalization with gifts, and there’s enough variety to allow for you to choose everything between simple woven, plastic, or beaded pieces and golden, silver, and CZ diamond-studded options, such as our enameled Star of David Pendant, or others featuring Hebrew lettering, the Israeli flag, and much more.


Kippahs can be an especially good choice for those looking to honor “age” this holiday season. There’s nothing like a new kippah to mark maturity, and of course grown men can always use a new and fashionable kippah for life on the go. We offer a wide variety of different kippahs, from boys’ Sports Kippahs for the Sandy Koufax in the family to Black and White Star of David kippahs to fully mark the transition into manhood.


Star of DavidNothing says love like a romantic ring or lovely necklace, making both great gift choices for that special someone this holiday season. When shopping for either rings or necklaces, tone and cost are definitely two things you want to keep in mind. Are you intending this gift to come across as a romantic keepsake, or simply a pretty present from one good friend to another? Should it be more religious or secular in tone? And then there’s the matter of cost. An expensive piece of jewelry is quite a gesture—so much so that it can make a friend feel awkward or even badly about themselves if they’re unable to reciprocate. Luckily, at yourholylandstore.com, we’re sure to have just the thing for you, from 925 sterling silver Hebrew rings and necklace chains to opulent 14K Stars of David, sterling silver, ruby and diamond-studded pieces, and much more.


Are you looking to buy your parents a great gift this Hanukkah season, but are unsure of what to get them? You can never go wrong with a gift that reminds them of the eternal bond between parent and child. After all, the holidays are a time for remembering and cherishing family, and so a keepsake with that message or intention can be just the thing to show your parents you care. This has to do more with the thought put into the gift, of course, than the actual expense itself. For example, if your parents are still living in the home in which you were raised, you might want to consider getting them a Home Blessing, in the shape of a Hamsa or bearing the skyline of Jerusalem or in any other number of configurations or patterns. If they’re into cooking, everything from a Challah Bread tray to some finely fashioned cutlery and plates can be a great way to both get them what they want and show you put thought into that gift, and therefore thought of them—which really is the greatest gift of all.

Chanukah Dreidels


Our Large Wood Sports Hanukkah Dreidels, for example, are perfect for the sports fan in the family, with four dreidels, decorated to represent Baseball, Football, Soccer and Basketball, as are our leather sports-themed kippahs. Children’s jewelry in the form of charms, pendants, bracelets and necklaces are all good options as well, allowing you to give your child something both beautiful and lasting.


Plush toys are always a favorite for newborns, and our First Hanukkah Menorah fits the bill perfectly, being soft, multi-colored, and a charming away to commemorate a baby’s first Festival of Lights. For toddlers just learning to read, there’s our Cardboard Chanukah Book, which includes playful illustrations, large print, sturdy cardboard pages, and of course, a child-friendly version of the story of Hanukkah.


Gelt, of course, a perennial favorite around Hanukkah, and with good reason. For that and other packages featuring a variety of sweets, you’ll want to check out the many different kinds of gift baskets we offer. A gift basket really is the perfect gift for sweets lovers—it gives them just what they want, and the packaging, selection, and overall artistry of the arrangement really shows that you’ve put in the extra effort. For example, while targeted for New Year celebrations, our Rosh Hashanah Gift Basket still contains a variety of sweets a Hanukkah chocolate lover would crave, including luscious Elite Milk Chocolate, honey, tea, and Hazelnut Truffles.


Shema Yisrael Pendant

Passover and Yom Kippur are both far more religiously-resonant in terms of Jewish holidays than is Hanukkah, but there’s still nothing wrong with giving a gift which is as magnificent as it is meaningful in a religious or cultural sense this holiday season. Shema Yisrael pendants, bracelets, and rings, for example, are all fantastic examples of how to fuse the fun of the holidays with the significance of those ancient ties. From 14K gold lettering against onyx backgrounds to delicate golden lettering ringed around sturdy 925 sterling silver, the aesthetic appeal of these gifts is undeniable, while the religious and cultural message of unity and loyalty are pertinent and precious year-round.


Israel has survived and thrived for close to 70 years now, and gifts from and honoring the Jewish State are always popular holiday items within both Israel itself and the greater Diaspora. We offer a wide variety of products which are produced in Israel itself, and likewise offer “Support Israel” bracelets and T-shirts are available here in English and Hebrew, as are Stars of David bearing the IDF’s name in Hebrew, figurines of Israeli soldiers, necklaces and dog tags bearing the IDF’s name, and much more. Support the men and women of the IDF and Israel as a nation, cause, and ideal with these fine gifts.