Tallit Clips with Hoshen Design

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Fashioned from nickel-plated metal, these Hoshen-themed tallit clips are the perfect way to keep one’s tallit in place while paying homage to the long religious and cultural tradition they represent. The clips feature gem-like items from the Hoshen, which in turn symbolize the Twelve Tribes of Israel. As such, while these tallit clips feature an updated design with that nickel playing and streamlined look, they likewise tie back in to the practices and people of thousands of years ago. Each clip measures 3cm/1.15inches in diameter, and the two are held together by a sturdy metal chain. The tallit has been a central garment for worshippers in Judaism for millennia, and so these Hoshen-themed tallit clips are perfect for paying homage to that past.

  • These tallit clips feature the Hoshen motif.
  • Made from metal, nickel plated.
  • Diameter of 1 tallit clip: 3cm/1.15inches
  • Condition: new