Pin for Baby Girl with Hamsa Hand

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Is there anything quite as beautiful as a bouncing newborn baby? The promise of new life is one of life’s great gifts, and you can commemorate it with this adorable pin for a Baby Girl, complete with a finely-crafted Hamsa Hand. This baby pin is adorned with a miniature bow and is likewise positively packed with all manner of different charms, including two hearts—one of which has "It's my baby" written on it in English—a small hamsa, and a baby’s pacifier. The whole item is manufactured in Israel and measures 6.5cm/2.5inch, while its baby-sized charms are perfect lifelong keepsakes.

  • Baby pin with Hamsa, heart and pacifier.
  • It is written in English "It's my baby".
  • Made from metal, silver plated
  • This product is designed and manufactured in Israel
  • Length of the pin 6.5cm/2.5inch
  • Condition: new