Kabbalah Protection From Evil Eye Necklace

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This wonderful necklace has two purposes. The first is to display your Jewish pride by openly wearing a Magen David. On a deeper mystical level, this necklace is inscribed with blessings to protect you from the Evil Eye. These two attributes together make this necklace a fine item to wear as a part of your everyday life. Protect yourself from evil and let everyone know that you are someone who is proud to be Jewish.
  • Sequence of 3 powerful Hebrew letters are written: "Aleph Lamed Dalet" - ALD brings protection from the Evil Eye
  • With Star of Magen David in center
  • Also it is written in Hebrew "TACHNENEI SHEFA BRACHA VEHATSLACHA" which means "GRANT PLENTY of BLESSINGS and LUCK"
  • Made from brass, silver plated, with matching chain.
  • Length of the chain 38cm/15inch
  • Diameter of pendant 1.5cm/0.55inch
  • Condition: new
The Star of David (Magen David in Hebrew or Mogen Dovid in Ashkenazi Hebrew, Shield of David, Solomon's Seal, or Seal of Solomon) is a generally recognized symbol of Judaism and Jewish identity. Kabbalah makes use of this sign, arranging the Ten Sephiroth (sefirot, spheres) in it.