Israeli Army Dog Tag with Hamsa Necklace

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The Israeli Army Dog Tag With Hamsa Necklace is a creative and easy to wear dog tag Hamsa necklace that can help provide protection from the Evil eye. This Israeli army designed necklace features the Hamsa hand of protection which is said to attract luck and bring protection to ward off any misfortune that may be brought on by the evil eye. Written on the front, it features the word ‘ZaHaL’ in Hebrew, which means ‘I.D.F’. On the back it features a Jewish traveller protection prayer in Hebrew (Tefilat HaDerech) which means safety when on the road and on travelling trips. Featuring a stainless steel material construction, it comes with a 50cm chain length with a 3.2 x 2.5cm pendant size that sits comfortably around the neck when worn. Complete with a military look, it is ideal for wearing when travelling right around the world.
  • With Hamsa protection hand on the front. Hamsa attracts luck and brings protection from the Evil Eye.
  • It is written in Hebrew "ZaHaL" which means "I.D.F."
  • On the back written in Hebrew traveler protection prayer (Tefilat HaDerech) - for safety on the roads/trip. It is a traditional Jewish prayer for a safe journey.
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size of pendant: 3.2x2.5cm/1.2x1inch
  • Length of stainless steel ball chain: 50cm/20inch
  • Condition: new