Five Metals Star of David Pendant - Shema Yisrael

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  • This unique handcrafted 9K Gold and Sterling Silver Kabbalah Star of David pendant includes embedded five metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead), according to the Kabbalist formula.
  • At the center of the Star of David there is a gold circle holding an energetic Chrysoberyl gem (Cat's Eye). The Chrysoberyl is believed to bring good luck and abundance for the ones who wear it.
  • The pendant opens up to reveal the hidden Hebrew text "Shema Yisrael H' Eloheinu H' Echad" (Hear, O Israel, Hashem is our God, Hashem is One) (Deuteronomy 6:4).
  • The pendant is beautifully engraved with the 5 names from the 72 sacred names of God:
    • ALD - Brings protection from the evil eye
    • SAL - For abundance and success
    • RHA - Brings growth and change
    • ARI - For stronger self-confidence, protection and certainty
    • SIT - Used to perform miracles
  • This unique Star of David pendant combines energetic tools for safe-guard, divine protection and brings a positive change in life.
  • Size: 1.8x1.2cm/0.75x0.5inch
  • Condition: new