Challah Cover – Pomegranates & Verses in Hebrew

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  • This delicate challah cover is decorated with a beautiful pomegranates pattern in grey, red, pink, green and off-white
  • The design incorporates verses from different Shabbat songs:
    • "m'erev mazminim kol miney mat'amim" ("At the evening prepare different types of dainties")
    • "kol hamit'angim ba, yizku l'rov simcha" ("All who rejoice in it will gain much joy")
    • "hu yom mechubad, hu yom ta'anugim, lechem v'yayin tov, basar v'dagim" ("It is a special day, a day of pleasures, bread and good wine, meat and fish")
    • "toameya chaim zachu" ("Those who taste it, merit life"). Tasting the food on Erev Shabbos is a Mitzvah. One who does so is rewarded with long life; it is based on what we say in our Shmonei Esrei at Mussaf on Shabbos.
  • Made in Israel
  • Size: 40x50cm/16x20inch
  • Material: Polyester
  • Condition: new