72 Names of God Kabbalah Tablet

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  • This 925 Sterling Silver tablet is beautifully engraved with the 72 sacred Names of God at the front.
  • This unique handcrafted Kabbalah talisman also features five metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead) put together according to the Kabbalistic formula.
  • The 72 names of God is a spiritual key that is believed to draw powerful energy and enhance positive changes in various aspects of life.
  • This powerful amulet brings protection, healing and success.
  • Size: 5.8x4.5cm/2.3x1.75inch
  • Weight: 26gramm/0.925oz
  • Please, notice that this item is not a pendant. It is an amulet/talisman for carrying with you.
  • Condition: new