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Tallit Clips

Tallit clips are small objects connected by a chain which clasp the two corners of the prayer shawl together, preventing it from slipping off of the wearer's shoulders during prayer. Since Jewish prayer consists of a lot of transitioning from standing to sitting, tallit clips are play an important role in preventing the tallit from slipping off, as the tallit moves around a lot during prayer.

Meaning of the Tallit

The tallit is a prayer shawl designed to be worn over the back, shoulders, arms, and covering the head, effectively shutting the world out while you say your morning prayers. The tallit is typically only worn by men. What make the tallit unique are the fringes, or tzitzit, on the four corners of the shawl; these serve as a reminder from the Torah to carry out God's commandments.

The tzitzis are not supposed to be seen at night, therefore the shawl is only worn during morning prayers. It is also worn during the Kol Nidre service during Yom Kippur.

A tallit can be made of silk, wool, cotton, or synthetic fabrics, as long as it's kosher. The Torah prohibits the mixture of wool and linen, so no tallit can contain those two materials. Tallit clips typically contain sacred symbols of Judaism, such as the Ten Commandments, scenes from Jerusalem, the Star of David, Protection Hand, Lion of Judah, or the Hoshen Twelve Tribes.

Ten Commandments Tallit Clips

The Ten Commandments, or Tablets of the Covenant, are a sacred symbol of Judaism, as they are the laws of God as dictated to the prophet Moses on Mount Sinai. When God gave the commandments to Moses, He had engraved them into two stone tablets. Tallit clips designed as the sacred Tablets of the Covenant serve as a great reminder that God's laws should always be put first and foremost.

Hoshen Twelve Tribes Tallit Clips

The Hoshen was a breastplate that was worn by the high priest at the Jerusalem temple. The breastplate represented the twelve Hebrew tribes. Hoshen Twelve Tribes tallit clips are an excellent reminder of your Jewish identity and ancestry. The colors representing the twelve tribes make these clips a pretty decorative piece.

Jerusalem Tallit Clips

Jerusalem is the holy city for those who practice Judaism, so tallit clips depicting a view of Jerusalem are considered especially sacred. Jerusalem tallit clips usually are accompanied by another Jewish symbol, such as the Star of David, or are engraved with Hebrew blessings.

Lion of Judah Tallit Clips

The Lion of Judah is the symbol of the Israelite tribe of Judah, which is the tribe both King David and Jesus hailed from. Therefore, the Lion of Judah tallit clips have special meaning for those practicing Judaism, particularly those who also are followers of the profit Jesus.

Star of David Tallit Clips

The Star of David is the most recognizable symbol of Judaism, and is the emblem on the flag of Israel. The six pointed star represents the spiritual realm and the physical, as the top points to God in heaven, while the bottom points to the earth. Star of David tallit clips are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a universal way to express their faith.

Protection Hand Tallit Clips

The Protection Hand, or Hamsa Hand, is said to protect against the Evil Eye. It brings the wearer good fortune, health, and prosperity, while warding off ill-will, bad fortune, and bad health. Tallit clips depicting the protection hands are a good choice for anyone looking to bring a bit of luck their way.

When choosing your tallit clips, make sure you select the ones that speak directly to your soul. Since these serve as a tool during your morning prayers, it's important that they properly represent you and your faith. There are many tallit clips to choose from, and they make a great gift, too.