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Roman Glass

Own a piece of ancient history when you buy Roman glass jewelry from YourHolyLandStore.com. Roman glass jewelry is crafted from the finest fragments of hand-blown glass that was unearthed in various dig sites throughout the Judean desert. These Roman glass jewelry items may be made from fragments of Roman glass that was used in everything from bowls, cups, flasks, and other items of ancient dinnerware to pots, lamps, vases, and jugs that were used in ancient everyday life.

This glass is a unique medium for use in a range of Roman glass jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuff links, and more—many of them featuring the different symbols and emblems of the people of Israel and the world of Judaism.

How Old is Roman Glass?

Although there are no guarantees as to the age of the Roman glass used in our Roman glass jewelry, Roman glass in general that is unearthed during archaeological digs generally dates anywhere from 100 BC to 300 AD. Dig sites are generally throughout the whole of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Originally, thousands of years ago, the glass used in these exquisite Roman glass jewelry items, was likely made from the sands of the Mediterranean along with lime that was obtained by the ancient Romans by crushing the shells of various marine life.

What Gives Roman Glass Its Colors?

The colors that you'll see in the Roman glass jewelry we sell encompasses many colors in the color spectrum, but many of them are green or a beautiful shade of aqua blue. When you see these beautiful colors, it is likely that the glass was crafted in Israel, and the blue or green colorings that are hallmarks of Roman glass from the period, contains traces of potassium and/or iron. These and other rich colors are formed throughout the passage of time as the chemical reaction of the materials that go into making the glass react with the sun and moisture content of the earth surrounding it during its burial. Extreme temperatures in the region can even cause restructuring of the glass, helped along by flash flooding and the dry heat of the Middle East.

Beauty of Roman Glass Jewelry

Roman jewelry is made using Roman glass accents along with other materials, including gold or silver, or even cheaper alternative metals, such as stainless steel. From bracelets and pendants to rings, necklaces, earrings, and cufflinks, Roman glass jewelry is nothing short of stunning. While Roman glass jewelry has substantial appeal just based on its history and the knowledge of where it comes from, it can also hold specific religious significance to the wearer when jewelry is chosen that incorporates a religious symbol or emblem important to Jewish followers.

Religious Emblems in Roman Glass Jewelry

Some of the most revered symbols in the Jewish faith are incorporated into the design of Roman glass jewelry. The Star of David is a popular emblems that is seen in items of Roman glass jewelry ranging from earrings to pendants and necklaces. The Hamsa hand or Hand of Miriam is also quite popular, especially when it includes the eye emblem that is said to ward off the evil eye while inviting good health, fortune, and happiness into the life of the wearer. Earrings and pendants with the Hamsa hand emblems featuring the eye made from Roman glass are beautiful and bound to be welcome in any jewelry box. Menorahs, pomegranates, and hearts are also seen often in the construction of Roman glass jewelry found in among the pages of inventory available at YourHolyLandStore.com—with pieces suitable for both practicing and non-practicing Jews and even those of other faiths who want to own a piece of ancient history.