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On Passover we celebrate the exodus from Egypt. Although a lot of effort goes into making sure that everything is done properly for this holiday, knowing where to get your Passover gear in advance is of great worth. Our selection of Passover goods is designed to make sure that you are able to experience the best Passover possible. When it comes to this festive time of the year, you deserve only the best in Judaica.

The Passover is the most important event on the Jewish calendar, and is by far the biggest observance for Jews around the world. It is a celebration of the liberation of the Jews from the bonds of slavery in Egypt, and it is also a tribute to the act of the Jews coming together to form a nation. Products that celebrate The Passover or commemorate it in some way are perfect for The Passover season. For some, Passover is seen as a celebration of spring, and of the birth or rebirthing of the world, and items related to Passover can make the holiday even more special.

When is The Passover?

Passover is observed under Jewish law for seven days. Passover begins in the Jewish Nisan (typically April) on the 15th day of the month. The first night includes a ritual dinner—the Seder. The Passover Seder is an important part of The Passover. It is a festive meal that is used as a setting for recounting the freedom of the slaves and the exodus made from Egypt. Seder is usually observed on the first and second nights of The Passover holiday. Traditional Jews avoid work during the first two days or the final two days of the seven days of Passover. Not all Jews celebrate with Seder on the Passover's second night, although some do.

What is The Pesach?

Pesach is the Hebrew name for The Passover, and it translates to "passing over." This is a reference to the biblical telling of the angel of death passing over the Jews' homes in Egypt. This goes back to the telling of the tenth plague of Egypt, the killing of the first born, an act that eventually lead to the release of the Jews from their slavery bonds.

What are Seder Plates?

Seder plates are usually brought out during The Passover. Whether served or not, the plate displays the foods of the traditional Passover. In Hebrew, the seder plate is called the "ka'arah." The foods places on the plate are representative of the story of The Passover. Some of these foods aren't available readily for consumption in modern times, including the Zeroah, which is a roasted bone, an offering typically brought into Jerusalem's Holy Temple. Also horseradish root is plated, which symbolizes suffering and bitter life of the slaves. A hard-boiled egg, a mixture of red wine, chopped apples and walnuts known as Charoset, and a small slice of boiled potato or onion known as Krapas, are also included. Romaine lettuce, or Chazeret, is the final ingredient for Seder. Symbolically including these foods is a bit more palatable than actually eating them during The Passover.

What is a Matzah Cover Used For?

The traditional unleavened bread that is eaten during Passover is called matzah. A special bag with three compartments is sometimes used for this bread—it is known as a matzah cover. This bag has three special compartments, one for each matzo sheet.

Other Items for Passover

In addition to Seder plates, Matzah covers and Passover tablecloths, there are also jewelry, kippot, tallit and other themed items that can be used to celebrate Passover. From Haggadah for children to cups and saucers related to the holiday and housewares themed for Passover, there's plenty of options for those who celebrate or want to give a gift to a loved one or friend who does. Adding a touch of this special holiday to your home with traditional items enhances the enjoyment of your family during Passover week, while also serving to strengthen your faith and show reverence to God during its celebration.